We Stand with Black Lives Matter

We commit to:

  • Stop talking and start listening to those impacted by systemic racism.
  • Learn how racism and privilege have shaped us and the world we live in.
  • Ask who is included, who is excluded, who benefits, who is harmed, who makes the decisions, and what is the impact on community in decision-making.
  • Create diversity in our practice, our profession and our climate action work.
  • Support organizations and our colleagues promoting equity, justice and anti-racism.

Making a just and equitable future requires acting with love and courage, confronting the racism and privilege of the present, and acknowledging and healing the violence and broken promises of our past.

We Stand with Black Lives Matter

California leads the country in both policy and projects that are laying the path to a zero net energy (ZNE) future. The California ZNE Watchlist, produced by the New Buildings Institute (NBI), provides examples of commercial buildings that have verified zero net energy performance, buildings that have met over the course of a year, net zero energy usage through onsite renewables. The Fall/Winter 2016 ZNE Watchlist lists 20 commercial buildings have verified ZNE.

Siegel & Strain is proud to have completed two projects on the ZNE Watchlist:
Jess S. Jackson Sustainable Winery Building, University of California, Davis,
Center for Environmental Studies, Bishop O’Dowd High School, Oakland, California

Read more about these Zero Net Energy projects here.


Black Lives Matter

Racism and privilege are real, systemic and pervasive and need to be dismantled.

Love and community are also real and need to be nurtured and defended.