Holiday staff party

Holiday Staff Party 2020

Siegel & Strain Architects, a California Corporation, is a nationally recognized architectural firm that specializes in sustainable design and historic preservation. We are always seeking out talented individuals who are passionate about ecology and the built environment. If you are interested in beginning a conversation with us, please email a letter of interest, resume, and work samples to We are currently looking for a Project Architect and Technical Architect.

Siegel & Strain Architects has adopted an altered work week of 8.5 hours/day in order to close the office an additional 15 days per year. Our goal with this altered work week is to achieve better balance in our life/work schedules without compromise to the quality of our work, our commitment to projects and schedules, and our relationships with our clients and colleagues. As a result, Siegel & Strain Architects will be closed on the these weekdays in 2021: Jan. 1, 18; Feb. 5, 15; Mar. 5, 26; Apr. 16; May 7, 31; Jun. 18; Jul. 5, 23; Aug. 13; Sep. 3, 6, 24; Oct. 11; Nov. 5, 25-26; Dec. 22-24, 31.